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Office of the eSafety Commissioner | 5th Birthday Today, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner celebrate their 5th Birthday 🎉 On behalf of the Central Australian Women's Legal Service, we thank their team for their continued commitment in helping keep ALL Australians safer online through resources, programs, webinars and reporting options 👏💻Did you know, over the past 5 Years, the Offic...
Young women to pay half a billion dollars more for uni courses It is time to end the trend of undervaluing female-led industries 🙅‍♀️We have seen the government fail to take a gendered understanding in policy making. The recent decision to "more than double university fees for humanities subjects and reduce them for science subjects" is further reflection of inequitable policy making by our leaders.
Extended Closing Date | Work with CAWLS 🔎 Central Australian Women’s Legal Service provides legal services for all women in the Central Australia and Barkly regions, with offices in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.
Domestic & family violence hurts the whole family Domestic and family Violence hurts the whole family...
Sunday Motivation... Don't Forget Your Power 🔔 Sometimes you just have to remind yourself of your power… and if you need help? CAWLS is here to assist 🤍📞 1800 684 055
Saturday Self Love ... It's okay to say no Just because you may not be working or busy the whole weekend, doesn’t mean you HAVE to over commit yourself to things 🚫Know your power that it is okay to say no to things 🙅‍♀️💜
CAWLS Mindfulness Colouring-In Books If you come to visit us at CAWLS & you feel like getting creative, ask us for a copy of our new mindfulness colouring-in books & pencils! ✍️💛💭 Did you know, colouring has the ability to relax the fear centre of your brain as it induces the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind.
#LetHerSpeak passed in NT Legislative Assembly Victim-survivors of sexual assault in the Northern Territory can now re-claim control of their narrative.✔️ This week, Parliament has taken a much needed step forward in passing amendments to legislation that previously prevented victim-survivors from speaking out about their own experience, unless they had a court order.
COVID19 Online Scammers Technology Reminder ⚠️🕵️ Scammers are using the spread of COVID-19 to take advantage of people across Australia 💻If you have been scammed or have seen a scam, you can make a report on the Scamwatch website and find more information about where to get help 🔗ℹ️
Inquiry finds former High Court Judge sexually harassed female associates The High Court has revealed an independent investigation it commissioned has found six former associates were sexually harassed by former Justice Dyson Heydon.We promise to DO BETTER.We promise to CALL OUT sexism and harassment.We promise, as members of the legal industry, to EXPECT BETTER from our leading officials.ℹ➡ https://ab.
Are You Being Subtly Abused? 🤍 Domestic violence is PHYSICAL ABUSE ❌🤍 Domestic violence is CONTROLLING BEHAVIOUR ❌🤍 Domestic violence is EMOTIONAL ABUSE ❌🤍 Domestic violence is FINANCIAL ABUSE ❌🤍 Domestic violence is PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE ❌🤍 Domestic violence is SEXUAL ABUSE ❌🤍 Domestic violence is VERBAL ABUSE ❌📚 We highly recommend the bo...
Significant increase in domestic violence recorded in NT during pandemic 🔎 ABC reports that NT Police figures show that domestic violence-related assaults increased by as much as 25% in Central Australia and the Barkly Region during the first months of the coronavirus lockdown... 😔However, the women’s shelters in Alice Springs & Tennant Creek both reported being quieter than usual during this time.
Monday Motivation ... You Got This! New Week… You Got This! 🙌 ... and if you need to speak with a lawyer for some advice, we are here and ready to assist.
Sunday Self Love... Never Settle for Less ✅ Know your worth.❌ NEVER settle for less. If you need to speak with a lawyer for some advice, we are here and ready to assist.
We love every version of you You do you, girl! We love every version of you 🙌 ☎️ Need some advice from a lawyer? Call us on 1800 684 055 (Monday - Friday) to make an appointment.

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