Below is some basic information about victims of crime compensation and eligibility. It is not provided as legal advice. If you would like advice and assistance with a victims of crime claim, call 1800 684 055 to make an appointment to talk to a lawyer.

What is Victims of Crime Compensation?

Victims of crime compensation is financial assistance for victims of violent acts that happen in the Northern Territory.

Victims of crime compensation is paid through the Victims of Crime Compensation Scheme.

Victims of violent acts, like:

  • Assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence

can apply for victims of crime compensation.

You can apply for compensation even if no-one is charged for the crime.

It is important to report the crime to the police.

The amount of compensation received (if any) will depend on the extent of the injuries and losses suffered by the victim.

Who can apply for Victims of Crime Compensation?

You can apply if:

  • You’re the victim of a violent act and are injured, or experience financial loss, because of the injury.
  • You’re the victim of a violent act, even if you don’t suffer any additional injury (e.g. sexual assault)
  • You’re a close family member of someone who dies from a violent act and you experience financial loss.

People who are injured because they witness a violent act, try to rescue another person or try to stop the violent act may also be able to get victims of crime compensation.

When should I make the application?

You must make an application within 2 years from when the violence happened.

An application may be accepted after 2 years if there are good reasons why it wasn’t made in time.  Talk to a lawyer if you think you’re application is out of time.

How do I make an application?

You can apply for victims of crime compensation by filling out the form available here.

You can also request a copy of the form by calling 1800 460 363.

How can CAWLS help?

We can provide advice about victims of crime compensation and whether you may be eligible.

If you have a valid claim, we can help you fill out the forms and provide ongoing representation and assistance through the claims process.

Call us on 1800 684 055 to make an appointment to talk to a lawyer, or drop in to see us at our Alice Springs office at any time.

Counselling & Support

Victims of violent acts and their relatives and close friends are entitled to free crisis counselling. For more information, contact Anglicare NT on 1800 898 500.

Family of people who die as a result of a violent act can claim funeral expenses and/or financial support.

Further Information & Support

  • Crime Victims Services Unit: information about victims of crime compensation and links to forms.
  •  Find out more about Anglicare NT’s Victims of Crime Counselling Support Service here.