Commonwealth Bank launches anti-domestic violence and financial abuse initiative

As victims of domestic and family violence block their abusers on social media accounts, the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) detected a trend in individuals using the process of online transfers as an alternate way to perpetrate abuse…📲

CBA conducted research which found over 8,000 individuals had used its apps and online banking to send threatening and abusive messages through small value deposits 🤯🙅‍♀️

With financial abuse affecting as many as 1 in 4 Australian adults, CBA have subsequently launched the ‘Next Chapter’ program that aims to address financial abuse and support customers who are experiencing domestic and family violence.

In developing the program, CBA created a specialist ‘Community Wellbeing Team’ that will provide trauma-informed care and support to its vulnerable customers. CBA’s ‘Next Chapter’ will also comprise the Financial Independence Hub delivered by Good Shepherd, which offers a financial coaching program to those affected by financial abuse, regardless of who they bank with 🙏

✔️ Everybody deserves financial independence.

✔️ Everybody deserves to be safe.

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