About us

About the Central Australian Women’s Legal Service

CAWLS was born out of necessity. In the early 1990s a group of dedicated women legal practitioners began providing free legal advice to women in need. Mostly these women were victims of domestic violence who had no other access to legal advice. Over time, it became obvious that women in Central Australia required a full time legal service. A submission to the federal government ultimately resulted in the creation of CAWLS.

We aspire for a future where all women and their children are safe, living with dignity and respect

We want to create a bright and safe future for all women and children; helping them live with dignity and respect, free from all forms of violence and abuse.

CAWLS seeks to ensure that every client’s experience is validated and that they are empowered to utilise the legal and social welfare system to their benefit. By assisting every woman to the best of our ability, we are assisting the community to achieve social justice health.

Who does CAWLS assist?

Our services are available to all persons who identify as women, non-binary and gender diverse who have been adversely impacted by patriarchal structures and practices

What are CAWLS Values?

CAWLS aspires to be… Responsive and trustworthy • Inclusive and empowering • Collaborative and accountable

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