In 2020, the Financial Counselling Foundation announced funding of 10 full-time specialist DFV financial counsellor positions around Australia, of which, CAWLS was one of the successful recipients.

2021s see the addition of Tania Robinson, Financial Counsellor, joining our team to fill this important role 👋

This position will provide an essential service to women in Central Australia affected by DFV as part of our wrap around service.

A note from Tania 💬 “As a Financial Counsellor, I can listen to your story and provide you with options and help with strategies to plan your way out of debt. Financial Counsellors help you to prioritize your debts and assist with negotiating directly with creditors with hardship variations. We are also great listeners and can provide you with non-judgemental, confidential support that can really make a difference with your money woes“.

☎️ To make an appointment with Tania, contact our office on Free Call 1800 684 055.