ℹ️ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Assistance
▪️ COVID-19 Health Hotline : 1800 008 002
▪️ https://coronavirus.nt.gov.au/
▪️ https://www.health.gov.au/

ℹ️ Police
(Report noncompliance with self-isolation, self-quarantine or social distancing laws)
▪️ 131 444

ℹ️ Travel
(Including border restrictions, remote and community travel)
▪️ 1800 518 189

ℹ️ Centre for Disease Control
(Hotline for Testing)
▪️ 1800 008 002

ℹ️ General Enquiries
(Including Social Gatherings)
▪️ 1800 518 055

ℹ️ Return to Country *
Operated by Tangentyere Council
(* All Return to Country Requests require 14 Days Quaratine Period)
▪️ 8951 4262
▪️ 8951 4291

ℹ️ Welfare Group
Operated by Territory Families
(For welfare support related to quarantine and isolation only)
▪️ 0436 919 279
▪️ TF.SouthernRegion@nt.gov.au

ℹ️ Business Advice and Support
▪️ 1800 193 111

ℹ️ Family Violence Law Help
Family Violence Law Help is a website by National Legal Aid for people affected by domestic and family violence. It has been funded by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department.
▪️ https://familyviolencelaw.gov.au/family-law/

ℹ️ FLPN Service Directory
The Alice Springs Family Law Pathways Network (FLPN) Service Directory is designed to assist separating families and professionals who are supporting them, with easy access to information on a range of services and referral pathways.
▪️ alicesprings.familylaw.org.au/service-directory/

ℹ️ 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732)
1800RESPECT is a confidential service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing support for:
– People experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, sexual assault, domestic or family violence
– Their friends and family
– Workers and professionals supporting someone experiencing, or at risk of experiencing sexual assault, domestic or family violence

▪️ https://www.1800respect.org.au/

ℹ️ (NTCOSS) NT Social Services Directory
A directory for the general public and workers to access up-to-date listing of community sector social services available in the Northern Territory.
▪️ https://ntcoss.org.au/directory/