International Tenants Day

Today the CAWLS team join the global movement towards improving tenants’ rights as part of ‘International Tenants Day’ 🏘️

Today is a timely reminder to tenants to be aware of their rights and for the wider community to be aware of tenancy issues happening around their neighbourhood.

International Tenants Day originated in 1986 when the French tenant organisation CNL proposed a special world day for tenants. The council of the International Union of Tenants agreed and decided that it coincide with World Habitat Day (the first Monday in October). On this day throughout the world, housing and tenancy issues are promoted and expounded. Issues such as rights for tenants, affordable rental, and tenant participation in all matters related to housing highlight the universality of tenancy 🚪✊

🤔 If you have questions about your rental property or have housing concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our team via 1800 684 055. Our lawyers, financial counsellor and support workers are here to support you with your housing concerns.

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