Domestic abuse survivors still waiting on government scheme to stop perpetrators hiding superannuation

A scheme to stop perpetrators of domestic and family abuse from hiding superannuation during Family Court disputes has NOT been delivered on time ❌

The $3.3 million Federal Government Scheme was announced in 2018 and the promised start date of July 1 this year has not materialised 😞

This information sharing scheme would allow victims of financial abuse to bypass perpetrators to get their superannuation details from the ATO. Currently, two thirds of women cannot get superannuation information from their former partner in Family Court matters.

🗣️ “Control and coercion don’t just end when the relationship ends, financial abuse means that you’re not going to disclose financial information and try and hide those assets” said Tania Clarke from Victorian Women’s Legal Service.

⚠️ CAWLS are urging the Government to pass the promised legislation in the next session of Federal Parliament.


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