Safer Internet Day 2020

Today is Safer Internet Day 2020 💻

Did you know, technology-facilitated abuse is a form of domestic violence? Abusers can control, stalk and harass their victims using technology 📲

This includes behaviours such as
▪️ Sending abusive text messages or emails
▪️ Making continuous threatening phone calls
▪️ Spying on and monitoring victims through the use of tracking systems
▪️ Abusing victims through social media sites
▪️ Sharing intimate images of someone without their consent
▪️ Using technology to control or manipulate home appliances, locks and other connected devices

Technology-facilitated abuse has significant and very real impacts ⚠️

📞 If you need to speak with someone, call our CAWLS Free Hotline via 1800 684 055

The Central Australian Women’s Legal Service Inc. Team encourage everyone to take the ‘Technology Check Up” Quiz this Safer Internet Day ▶️

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