Migration Hub

There are a number of cultural and linguistically diverse women on temporary visas (including tourist, bridging, temporary skilled visa, partner visas) presenting at CAWLS, requiring advice about family law, domestic violence and migration law 🌏⚖️

These women have not been able to access free migration advice, until now…

On Friday 23 April 2021, the Central Australian Women’s Legal Service officially launched the ‘Migration Hub’ – a service for ANY woman in the Northern Territory, experiencing disadvantage, to receive timely and confidential migration advice (with priority given to women experiencing – or at risk of experiencing –  family and domestic violence).

A night filled with music, food and smiles, CAWLS was thrilled to celebrate this important launch with our diverse and culturally rich community of Alice Springs 👏

🗣️ If you would like to speak to a CAWLS Migration Lawyer – or invite a CAWLS Migration Lawyer to speak to your organisation – please contact us at enquiries@cawls.org.au or call us on 08 8952 4055

ℹ️ This project is funded through the Commonwealth Government’s COVID-19 Legal Assistance grants program administered by the NT Government.

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