Going to court can be hard and stressful…

If you are a woman who has experienced domestic, family or sexual violence in Central Australia, our Women’s Support Worker (Court Support) can help you, so you don’t have to go through the process alone.

The CAWLS Women’s Support Worker may be able to support you in a number of different situations, such as:

  • understanding the court processes
  • getting some legal advice
  • going to legal appointments with you for support
  • finding out more details and information about your court matter
  • help with safety planning for your situation
  • helping if you’re involved in a criminal law case
  • if you want someone to go with you to court for support
  • if you need to get a Domestic Violence Order (DVO)
  • applying for ‘Escaping Domestic Violence’ payment fund
  • housing assistance and support
  • supporting you if you’ve been asked to give evidence in court about an incident that you witnessed

The CAWLS Women’s Support Worker is not a lawyer. They understand the court and legal systems and will help you with your situation.

* The CAWLS Women’s Support Worker is only available to you if you have matters being heard in the Alice Springs Magistrates Court (not currently available for bush court or Tennant Creek court matters).

If you would like some help with your court matter, call our Free Call Hotline via 1800 684 055.